The Background

Our Restoration Service has a long provenance:

On leaving school at the age of 15, Elizabeth Sangster joined the team at the recently established 'Dorien Gough Studio', Upper Kirkgate, the year was 1950.

Two years late ownership mover to Sheila Milne and became the 'Sheila Milne Studio'

In 1956 Elizabeth got married to Bill Watt and they moved to Corby, Northamptonshire with his work.

On returning to Aberdeen five years later, Elizabeth re-joined the business which had moved to Victoria Street.

In1968 Sheila married and moved to America, Ruth Davidson (previously a member of staff) took over the business which moved to it's current location at 69 Thistle St, Aberdeen.

Ownership moved to Elizabeth & Bill Watt in 1979 and the business was renamed 'Elizabeth Watt' in 1981.

On Elizabeth's retirement in 1998, her son Jeff  took over the business with the help of his wife Karen. Bill continued to contribute until his sad passing in 2007.

Jeff Watt and his wife Karen continue to operate the service until the present day.